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Since 2000 the life sciences cluster in Zurich has exhibited above-average growth rates and Zurich has evolved into a dynamically expanding center for the life sciences industry. In addition, Zurich is a fruitful ground for spin-offs and start-up companies.

Swiss Medtech is a network of companies comprised of members from research, industry, and consulting. Its mission is to strengthen the production site so as to establish Switzerland as the world’s best location for the development, production, and distribution of medical technology products. Through our platform, we provide opportunities to gather and exchange information for more than 800 domestic and foreign medtech experts and specialists every year.

Key services
– Our meeting and exchange platforms: Morning Talk, Meet the Expert, Insight
– Swiss Medtech Day
– [Expert Groups] : Lean Management, Human Centered Design and Usability
– Surveys: Swiss Medical Technology Industry Survey
– Swiss Pavilion: Medtech trade fairs across Europe and international markets

Peter Biedermann
Swiss Medtech
Schwarztorstrasse 31
CH-3007 Bern

The Swiss Biotech Association represents the interests of the biotech sector, supports the entrepreneurship of biotech companies, and generates value for them through the following activities:
– Development of optimal framework conditions for the biotech sector
– Networking of stakeholders at national and international levels
– Dissemination of accomplishments in biotechnology
– Collaboration with strategic partners

Key services
– Platform events for members and stakeholders
– Community for SBA members on topics (archive and news)
– International event coordination
– National event coordination and programming
– Knowledge technology transfer activities (academia and industry)

Nik Alexakis
Swiss Biotech Association
Stauffacherstrasse 16
CH-8004 Zurich

Toolpoint is a vertically integrated cluster that combines the know-how and ability of the lab automation industry in Europe. It was founded by companies of the Greater Zurich Area. It unites industry, universities, institutions, and partners that share the same goal of making processes in and around the laboratory more efficient and effective.

Key services
– Promotes innovation
– Strengthens members’ international market standing
– Acts as an intermediator for technology transfer
– Support of standards and process development (
– Entrepreneurially operated, delivers constant benefits to its members

Toolpoint for Lab Science
Hans Noser
Gewerbestrasse 12
CH-8132 Egg

Toolpoint Management GmbH
Hans Noser
St. Gallerstrasse 57
CH-8400 Winterthur

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