Technology Transfer, Incubators and Innovation Parks

An impressive network of dedicated technology transfer organizations, incubators, and innovation and technology parks support the increasing number of life sciences start-up companies, thus providing evidence for the strong entrepreneurial spirit in Zurich.

Balgrist Campus is a private limited company with the aim of advancing research of the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to generous donations, ~75% of the building is self-financed. The center of the innovative research and development building is designed to stimulate communicative interactions for the exchange of knowledge. Dry labs, office space, wet labs, workshops, and gait labs are available to the research groups from the areas of biomechanics, robotics, tumor biology, muscles, paraplegia, and clinical orthopaedics.

Key competences / services
– Open-space dry labs, offices, wet labs, and workshops
– State-of-the-art research infrastructure open to academic institutions and private companies
– Immediate proximity to the orthopaedic university hospital

Thomas Huggler
Balgrist Campus AG
Lengghalde 5
P.O. Box, CH-8008 Zurich

The nationally and internationally respected Bio-Technopark offers professional support for life sciences start-ups in the establishment and expansion of business activities and promotes interaction between start-ups, academia, and industry.
Through stringent selection, coaching, and support, more than 30 successful start-ups and well-established companies, together with 20 institutes, clinics, and research groups from the University and University Hospital Zurich, have emerged in Schlieren-Zurich.

Key competences / services
– We advise, coach, and support entrepreneurs
– We provide lab and office space, including specialist infrastructure
– We promote exchange between our tenants to maximize synergies
– We provide contacts to industry, academia, and network partners

Mario Jenni
Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zurich
Wagistrasse 23
CH-8952 Schlieren

The CTI is the Confederation’s innovation promotion agency. It provides consultancy and networking services and financial resources to help turn scientific research into economic results. The most successful instrument is funding for joint R&D projects between higher education institutions and businesses, such as support in setting up new businesses. Innovation mentors help companies and public research institutions to jointly launch innovation projects of national and international significance.

Key competences / services
– R&D funding
– Start-up and entrepreneurship
– Knowledge and technology transfer
– Energy funding program

Commission for Technology
and Innovation CTI
Einsteinstrasse 2
CH-3003 Bern

+41 58 462 24 40

ETH transfer, the technology transfer office, manages industrial research agreements, supports patent applications and the licensing of ETH technologies, and lends assistance to early stage spin-off companies. Over the last five years, more than 1,500 new research agreements were signed. In 2015 alone, 25 spin-offs were founded.
Industry Relations (IR) is the gateway for industry and matches interested companies with researchers at ETH. IR arranges meetings between companies and ETH groups and organizes lab visits. IR is also in charge of the annual ETH-Industry Day, an information and exchange event for industry and ETH researchers.

Key competences / services
– ETH transfer supports the commercialization of ETH technologies
– ETH transfer manages research agreements and supports spin-offs
– IR is the industry entry point and helps to find relevant research groups
– IR promotes industry partnerships with ETH

ETH transfer
Dr. Silvio Bonaccio
ETH Zurich
Rämistrasse 101
CH-8092 Zurich

Industry Relations
Dr. Urs Zuber
Weinbergstrasse 29
CH-8006 Zurich

glatec, a non-profit organization located at Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) in Duebendorf (Zurich), runs a business incubator facilitating and supporting innovative early-stage start-ups in the fields of materials science, environmental science, and technology.

Key competences / services
– We advise, coach, and support entrepreneurs
– We provide premises and other facilities
– We promote collaborative research with Empa and/or Eawag (aquatic research)
– We provide contacts to industry, academia, and network partners

Mario Jenni
c/o Empa
Überlandstrasse 129
CH-8600 Duebendorf

The start-up center grow Wädenswil supports, promotes, and coaches projects and young companies in life sciences (biotechnology, chemistry, nutritional and environmental technology, pharma, etc.), facility management, and informatics.
Grow provides affordable offices and laboratory facilities in the immediate vicinity of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Companies in grow can thus benefit directly from the strong competences and first-class facilities in these fields of its partner, the ZHAW.

Key competences / services
– Support, coaching in technical fields, business set-up, organization, company management
– Hands-on workshops in fields of direct relevance for grow members
– Affordable office and laboratory facilities
– Financial support for grow companies

Prof. Dolf van Loon
grow Wädenswil
Einsiedlerstrasse 30
CH-8820 Wädenswil

Inartis Network is one of the eight national thematic networks (NTNs supported by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). The network’s mission is to create value and jobs across the Swiss life sciences economy through innovation.
Inartis Network is an independent, non-profit organization that focuses on fostering transdisciplinary R&D projects to deliver innovation made in Switzerland. The Network welcomes researchers and entrepreneurs from both academia and business.

Key competences / services
– Event organization
– Networking support
– Matchmaking for R&D projects
– Support in structuring R&D projects
– Advice on funding opportunities

Inartis Network
Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8005 Zurich

Start Smart Schlieren is an innovation and business center that provides innovative start-ups and micro-enterprises with the infrastructure necessary for a successful business start. The association is cofinanced by its members and the town of Schlieren. The office buildings belong to the town of Schlieren.

Key competences / services
– Support of start-up companies by means of advice, networking, training, events, and the provision of excellent workspace
– Encouraging networking and the exchange of knowledge with universities, colleges, polytechnics, companies, and the members of the association
– Increasing the attractiveness of Schlieren by creating new and sustainable jobs

Barbara Angelsberger
Start Smart Schlieren
Rütistrasse 14
CH-8952 Schlieren

The Park provides favorable conditions for researchers at universities and companies to achieve success on international markets more quickly. It offers closeproximity, interdisciplinary exchanges, and a creative working environment. Seventy hectares have been set aside at the airfield in Dübendorf. Planning permission has already been granted for an initial building phase involving 38 ha and a floor space of 410,000 m². The Park offers space for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to major companies. Start within existing hangars in Q1/2017.

Key competences / services
– Life sciences and quality of life
– Engineering and environment
– Digital technologies and communication
– Cross-functional disciplines from universities

Swiss Innovation Park Zurich
c/o Department for Economic Affairs for
Canton Zurich
Neumuehlequai 10
CH-8090 Zurich

Technopark Zurich has been bringing people together from the fields of science, technology and economy at its 47,000 m² site since 1993. It is the top location for technology transfer in Switzerland and a key point of contact for innovative start-ups looking to transform knowledge into marketable products and services.
The strong links to ETH Zurich and universities ensures that research and entrepreneurship is consolidated within the building.

Key competences / services
– Rental of rooms
– Consulting and coaching of tenants
– Event location
– Entrepreneurship training and workshops for tenants

Matthias Hölling
Technopark Zurich
Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8005 Zurich

Unitectra is the technology transfer office of the Universities of Zurich, Basel, and Bern. Our staff, an interdisciplinary team of technology transfer professionals with scientific, industrial, and legal backgrounds, manage over 500 active licenses and annually conclude about 50 new licenses and over 1,000 collaborative research contracts. Unitectra assists in the creation of spin-off companies ( Its mission is to commercialize university-generated technologies for the public benefit and to enable researchers and universities to partake in their commercial success.

Key competences / services
– Commercialization of new technologies
– Fast and flexible contractual solutions for any type of research collaboration
– Entry point for companies seeking collaborations with the Universities of Zurich, Basel, and Bern

Dr. Herbert Reutimann
Scheuchzerstrasse 21
CH-8006 Zurich

Wyss Zurich is a new multidisciplinary translational science center at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich made possible by Dr. h.c. mult. Hansjörg Wyss, focusing on the emerging fields of regenerative medicine and robotic technologies. Its objective is commercialization and clinical application through spin-offs, out-licensing deals, and trade sales.

Key competences / services
– Fostering translational research and science and engineering entrepreneurs
– Regenerative medicine and robotic technologies
– First-in-man trials, GMP, GLP, GCP
– Coaching and mentoring

Michael Stucky
Wyss Zurich
c/o ETH Zurich
Leonhardstrasse 27
CH-8092 Zurich