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The Balgrist Campus is a musculoskeletal research infrastructure accommodating 250 research professionals from UZH, Balgrist University Hospital, ETHZ, children’s hospital and private companies. In a multidisciplinary approach researchers, clinicians, developers and industry collaborate at the Balgrist Campus to alleviate and to resolve the problems of patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. Research groups cover disciplines such as orthopedics, paraplegiology, biomechanics, pediatric oncology, rheumatology, orthopedic computer science, tumor biology and robotics. The Balgrist Campus was opened in 2015, the innovative research and development building was designed to stimulate communication and the exchange of know-how by the joint use of lab and office space.

In 2016 the Balgrist Campus became a “Research Institution of National Importance” and its three open-access technology platforms are supported by the SERI (Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation): the Swiss Center for Musculoskeletal Imaging (SCMI), the Swiss Center for clinical Movement Analysis (SCMA), and the Swiss Center for Musculoskeletal Biobanking (SCMB). The platforms are accessible for all academic institutions, clinics and private companies.

  • Areas of Expertise: Biomechanics, Biotech, Digital Health, Imaging, Medtech, Precision medicine, Regenerative Medicine
  • Services: Biobanking, Contract research, Cross-sectoral exchange, Innovation space, Knowledge transfer, Lab space, Network promotion & support, Research collaboration, Support & coaching for startups, Technology transfer