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BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation (BEI) program

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The BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation (BEI) program offers hands-on education and training for researchers in the field of Life Science, MedTech, and Pharma who aspire to become successful BioEntrepreneurs. Guided by experienced and successful Entrepreneurs and Experts in Residence, BEI program participants learn how to bring ideas and research results to the market and how to overcome classic founders’ pitfalls.

Key topics addressed in the BEI program are:
•          Building a team
•          Networking with successful entrepreneurs
•          Developing a first business plan with its various facets

The BEI program is a modular course system consisting of three modules, A, B, and C. The program starts with a general introduction to BioEntrepreneurship in Module A. Module B focuses on the basics of law and finance, intellectual property, product development and marketing or soft skills. Finally, in Module C, workshop-like sessions delve deeper into selected topics and offer the possibility for one-to-one coaching.

  • Areas of Expertise: All fields of Life Sciences
  • Services: Education & Training, Knowledge transfer, Support & coaching for startups
  • Institution: UZH