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Department of Biology (D-BIOL) ETH

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Research into fundamental biological processes is one of the core tasks of the Department of Biology at ETH Zurich. It is a prerequisite for our understanding of the chemical basis of life. Our researchers are investigating the entire spectrum, from individual molecules and protein complexes through cells and tissues to organisms and their interactions. With the help of multidisciplinary approaches, different biological processes in pro-​ and eukaryotic organisms are investigated. The resulting gain in knowledge requires the application and development of new methods and technologies. To this end, the scientists at D-​BIOL cooperate intensively with other departments of ETH Zurich and, together with the University and the University Hospital of Zurich, form a globally recognised research centre in the field of life sciences and biomedicine. Understanding basic biological mechanisms and interactions is a prerequisite for opening up new scientific fields and horizons and for ensuring innovation for human health and society. In order to achieve this goal, D-​BIOL strives to create an intellectual and scientific environment in which research and teaching can be conducted at the highest international level.

  • Areas of Expertise: Biochemistry, Computational Biology, Imaging, Plant Sciences, Regenerative Medicine, other
  • Services: Cross-sectoral exchange, Education & Training, Events, Knowledge transfer, Research collaboration, Technology transfer
  • Institution: ETH