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Developmental Science Network Zurich (DSN-ZH)

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There is an impressive number of researchers from different disciplines at the UZH who investigate development and developmental changes across the entire life span and across different species using various methodological approaches and encompassing different levels of complexity. The Developmental Science Network Zurich (DSN-ZH) is an interdisciplinary research network for researchers contributing to the field of Developmental Science and aims to exploit this unique combination of expertise in developmental research in the larger Zurich area.

The main aims of the DSN-ZH are
1) to provide a platform that allows researchers from different disciplines of developmental science
2) to exchange theoretical, methodological, and empirical knowledge, and
3) to foster cooperation among scholars from different areas of developmental research.

Moreover, the network reaches out to the public and to stakeholders in all areas of development (e.g., politics, health care, schools) to increase their access to the most current empirical findings in developmental science as well as to enter a dialog on issues of societal concern.

  • Areas of Expertise: other
  • Services: Knowledge transfer, Research collaboration
  • Institution: UZH