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Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC)

 Scientific Competence Centers & Academic Networks and Initiatives

The ETH Rehab Initiative links existing with novel research chairs to address overarching technical, medical, economic, and environmental questions for a more inclusive society.

Its mission is to improve the quality of life and participation of people living with physical disabilities and patients with chronic movement impairments.

The Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC) coordinates the Rehab Initiative. It hosts and expands its network of stakeholders from academia, clinics, industry, government, healthcare, and disability organisations. RESC promotes interdisciplinary research and exchange, contemporary education programmes, and knowledge transfer to facilitate an integrated continuum-of care in rehabilitation.

  • Areas of Expertise: Digital Health, Medtech, Regenerative Medicine, other
  • Services: Cross-sectoral exchange, Education & Training, Funding, Knowledge transfer, Network promotion & support, Research collaboration, Technology transfer
  • Institution: ETH