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Start Smart Schlieren

 Incubators and Innovation Parks

Start Smart Schlieren is an association that is a centre for innovation and offers start-ups and micro-enterprises all the necessary infrastructure for launching a successful business start. The motto of the executive board is “innovation can also be driven by diversity”. Start Smart Schlieren has a strong focus on supporting young entrepreneurs with innovative technologies to promote their ideas by founding start-ups. The members of Start Smart Schlieren are not only able to network amongst themselves but are also able to interact and participate in a knowledge exchange with the ETH, universities of applied and industrial sciences and other research institutions through courses and events that are organised on a frequent basis. Besides the aim to raise the awareness of the attraction of this location in Schlieren, it is also intended to create new and lasting jobs and to develop available and future biotech and med-tech technologies by building technology clusters designed to further synergies amongst the start-ups. The association is co-financed by its members and the town of Schlieren. The office buildings belong to the town of Schlieren

  • Areas of Expertise: All fields of Life Sciences
  • Services: Cross-sectoral exchange, Education & Training, Innovation space, Knowledge transfer, Network promotion & support, Support & coaching for startups