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The NOMIS Foundation


NOMIS’ vision is to “create a spark” in the world of science by enabling and supporting pioneering research in the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities that benefits humankind and our planet. Its mission is to support and enable insight-driven science across all disciplines, focusing on researchers who put forth bold new ideas, exhibit a pioneering spirit and seek to inspire the world around them.
The foundation serves as a catalyst for scientific and human progress by supporting interdisciplinary research, establishing collaborative research networks and developing strategic partnerships. In addition to providing financial support, NOMIS endeavors to develop and strengthen the conditions conducive to the pursuit of high-risk basic research.

NOMIS’ engagement focuses on institutions and researchers who share its vision and values and have been recommended by a member of NOMIS’ exclusive network of nominators. The foundations primary focus areas are: the NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award, fellowships, research grants, strategic alliances and partnerships, and network development.

  • Services: Awards, Fellowships, Knowledge transfer, Network promotion & support