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The UZH IncubatorLab, made possible by a donation from the Werner Siemens Foundation, offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure for innovative MedTech projects led by young scientists who aim to establish a UZH spin-off company.

The UZH IncubatorLab is accessible to UZH MedTech Entrepreneur Fellows during the term of their 18-month fellowship and offers lab working space for approximately eight fellows including their potential co-workers. By providing a designated working space, the Werner Siemens Foundation supports the financial independence of UZH Fellows and fosters interactions between fellows of various backgrounds.

Being hosted by the Institute for Regenerative Medicine · IREM and being located at the heart of Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zürich, the UZH IncubatorLab is embedded in an ideal ecosystem for young entrepreneurs.

The offer also includes courses that support life scientists to become successful entrepreneurs: The BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation program for PhD students and PostDocs and the Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship for MSc students in health and life sciences. For more informatin about these programs see the websites: and

  • Areas of Expertise: Diagnostics, Digital Health, Imaging, Medtech
  • Services: Funding, Lab space, Network promotion & support, Support & coaching for startups
  • Institution: UZH