Life Science Zurich Impact Conference
Tuesday, 23. May 2023 at the Technopark Zurich


Life Science Zurich Impact «Data for Health» is a one-day multi-track meeting that provides a platform for scientists from academia and industry to present their projects to potential collaborators and investors thus stimulating a dialogue between research, healthcare and economy with a focus on translational medicine.

Big Data and digitalization are rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly important in our healthcare systems. It is therefore crucial that entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy makers have access to high value health-data to fully realize its potential in improving health outcomes for all. Furthermore, cooperation among industry, government, academia, clinics, and other relevant partners is essential for developing integrated health-data ecosystems, improving healthcare delivery, and advancing research, innovation, and policymaking.
Given this, the aim of the conference is to discuss opportunities and challenges in this field, as well as to show how health data science is improving our knowledge and assisting in the resolution of difficult health problems.