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Balgrist University Hospital

 University Hospitals & Cantonal Pharmacy

Balgrist University Hospital is a highly specialized center of excellence for the diagnosis, treatment and aftercare of patients with disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system. With its excellence in research and education, the Balgrist is setting new standards of modern orthopedic care. An interdisciplinary network combines the specialized areas of orthopedics, paraplegia, rheumatology and physical medicine, sports medicine, neuro-urology, chiropractic medicine, radiology, anesthesiology and internal medicine.

  • Areas of Expertise: Diagnostics, Imaging, Lab Technology, Precision medicine
  • Services: Biobanking, Cross-sectoral exchange, Education & Training, Events, Fellowships, Innovation space, Knowledge transfer, Research collaboration, Technology transfer
  • Institution: Balgrist University Hospital