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Faculty of Medicine UZH

 Academic & Applied Research Institutions

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zurich promotes innovative research in the basic fields of medicine, in the clinical application of knowledge, in personalized medicine, in health care, and in the translational connection between all these research areas. In addition, it encourages the cooperation between primary care and specialized health care.

The Faculty is committed to high quality teaching and continuing research-based education of students in the fields of medicine. Structured doctoral programs aim at promoting young academics in an outstanding research environment. The interaction between research and teaching, and their connection to clinical practice play a central role.

The Faculty promotes local, national and international collaborations, but also interactions between institutions, faculties, and professions to strengthen scientific advances, clinical excellence and the international importance of Zurich as an academic and research destination. In particular, the close cooperation between the University of Zurich, the ETH Zurich and the four university hospitals as University Medicine Zurich (UMZH) particularly together with the Faculty of Science of the University of Zurich is the ground for a high quality, innovative and competitive academic medicine hub.

  • Areas of Expertise: Bioinformatics, Diagnostics, Imaging, Precision medicine, Regenerative Medicine
  • Services: Awards, Biobanking, Education & Training, Events, Fellowships, Funding, Knowledge transfer, Lab space, Research collaboration
  • Institution: UZH