Innovation Hub Directories

digital health center bülach

 Incubators and Innovation Parks

In the digital health center bülach (dhc), start-ups, established IT companies and healthcare organizations work together to develop common solutions in the field of digital health.
The aim of the innovation center is to use digital solutions to improve processes, products and services in the healthcare sector having always the patient in mind.

The dhc offers its members services such as coaching, networking events and knowledge platforms as well as workplaces, meeting, conference and innovation rooms. Depending on the membership categories, the offers can be used by the stakeholders for a fee or free of charge.

The operator of the innovation center is the association dhc. The dhc board and management determine the thematic focus of the innovation center and acquire suitable startups and IT companies

  • Areas of Expertise: Digital Health, Personalized Health, Public Health
  • Services: Education & Training, Events, Innovation space, Knowledge transfer, Network promotion & support, Support & coaching for startups, Technology transfer