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ETH Phenomics Center (EPIC)

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The ETH Phenomics Center (EPIC) is a centrally organised, state- of-the-art research and service platform for experimental laboratory animal research with a focus on laboratory mice at ETH Zurich.

EPIC comprises modern analysis and technology laboratories with high- end scientific infrastructure for phenotypic characterization of various disease- related in- vivo models. Also novel technologies for transgenesis and the generation of new in- vivo models with a focus on laboratory mice are applied.

The center is built to the latest international standards to ensure high- standard housing of the laboratory mice used in experimental research, incl. gnotobiots. Handling laboratory animals competently, showing respect and a sense of responsibility, is an integral part of biomedical research at ETH Zurich. A dedicated team of EPIC staff carries out animal caretaking, research support services, and technology development in collaboration with the ETH Life Science research community.

  • Areas of Expertise: Animal Health
  • Services: Contract research, Education & Training, Research collaboration
  • Institution: ETH