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Zurich Kidney Center

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The Zurich Kidney Center (ZKC) is a research network that brings together leading specialists in experimental and clinical nephrology in Zurich. It has evolved from the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NNCR) Kidney Control of Homeostasis (Kidney.CH).

Our research activity encompasses all major aspects of kidney physiology and nephrology. In addition, the ZKC incorporates an extensive range of advanced techniques and biobanks for kidney research.

The mission of the ZKC is to:

1. Foster collaborations between basic and clinical researchers, to drive innovation and produce breakthrough discoveries that have meaningful impact for patients.

2. Educate, train and inspire the next generation of young kidney scientists and doctors.

3. Enhance public awareness of kidney disease and its impact on human health.

4. Increase the international visibility of kidney research in Zurich.

  • Areas of Expertise: Bioinformatics, Biotech, Computational Biology, Diagnostics, Digital Health, Food & Nutrition, Imaging, Medtech, Neuroscience, Personalized Health, Pharma, Precision medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Rehabilitation
  • Services: Awards, Biobanking, Clinical research / clinical studies, Education & Training, Knowledge transfer, Network promotion & support, Research collaboration
  • Institution: UZH