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Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis

 Scientific Competence Centers & Academic Networks and Initiatives

The Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis is a technology platform specialized in high end light and electron microscopy, supporting the research community at the University of Zurich. Our mission is to give our scientists the tools and technical expertise they need to generate reliable and reproducible scientific data using state-of-the-art microscopy. Scientists from other academic organisations and industry are also welcome to use all resources. We have over 40 years of experience in educating, training, and assisting researchers using the latest cutting edge imaging techniques.

We provide technical and scientific support or consultation for projects involving microscopy and sample preparation. We will help you select the most appropriate instrument for your project. If necessary, sample preparation and imaging can also be requested as a service.

We offer professional scientific and technical training for beginners as well as experienced investigators. All instruments can be used independently

  • Areas of Expertise: All fields of Life Sciences
  • Services: Contract research, Education & Training, Knowledge transfer, Lab space, Research collaboration
  • Institution: UZH