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 Technology Transfer

Advancing life sciences at the interface of technology and biology

CSEM is a non-profit public-private Swiss technology innovation center renowned for developing advanced technologies with profound societal impact with over 570 employees across six locations in Switzerland and more than 200 registered patents. Our mission is to transfer these innovations to industries, strengthening the economy in a variety of sectors, including ICT, renewable energy, healthcare and life sciences, watchmaking, and aerospace. We are at the forefront of life sciences, combining engineering skills, biological understanding, and cutting infrastructure to revolutionize the field. By bridging precision manufacturing and digitalization, we develop disruptive biosystems that bring the lab to the patient and vice versa. From our advanced biosafety level 2 labs, we leverage cutting-edge technologies like cell microsystems, biomonitoring, lab automation, and AI to create impactful solutions. Our work narrows the gap between applied sciences and industrialization, enabling standardization and advancements for personalized medicine, diagnostics, and advancements in regenerative medicine. CSEM’s tools for life sciences innovation are unlocking new possibilities in healthcare.

  • Areas of Expertise: Bioinformatics, Biotech, Computational Biology, Diagnostics, Digital Health, Lab Technology, Medtech, Personalized Health, Precision medicine, Regenerative Medicine
  • Services: Clinical research / clinical studies, Research collaboration, Technology transfer