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Centre on Aging and Mobility

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The Centre on Aging and Mobility, headed by Prof. Dr. med. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari, is part of the geriatric clinics of the University Hospital Zurich and located at the City Hospital Zurich, Waid. It is the research centre of the department of geriatrics and aging research at the University of Zurich and part of the University Geriatrics Association Zurich.

We investigate well-tolerated and effective therapies to delay the physiological aging process (delayed aging) and to extend healthy life expectancy (extension of healthy life expectancy). Our research reflects the aims and methods of modern aging research and integrates state of the art research models taking a comprehensive approach via the promotion of functionality via the simultaneous strengthening of all important organ functions. The connection between clinical research and practice is of great importance to us. Our research projects address relevant questions from everyday clinical practice in order set the evidence base for new therapies and methods within geriatric medicine and to improve the health of older adults in the long term. Next to running clinical trials using standardized high quality assessments, we develop and validate new measurement methods specifically for the use in aging research. The supervision and education of master and doctoral students (UZH and ETH) further represents an important pillar of our mission of knowledge transfer and enhances the expansion of aging research.

  • Areas of Expertise: Food & Nutrition, Pharma, other
  • Services: Contract research, Cross-sectoral exchange, Education & Training, Events, Knowledge transfer, Research collaboration
  • Institution: USZ