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SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

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The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to biological and biomedical data science. It is present in the main academic institutions of Switzerland and leads numerous national and international projects with a major impact on life science research and health.
SIB’s scientists are passionate about creating knowledge and converting complex questions into solutions in many fields, from biodiversity and evolution to medicine. They provide essential databases and software platforms, data management, software engineering and biocuration services, as well as computational biology know-how and training. The institute delivers this expertise to academic groups and clinicians as well as to private companies.
SIB federates the Swiss bioinformatics community of some 800 scientists, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing. It also cooperates with national and international institutions on research infrastructure matters.
The institute contributes to keeping Switzerland at the forefront of innovation by fostering progress in biological research and enhancing health.

  • Areas of Expertise: Bioinformatics, Diagnostics, Digital Health, Precision medicine
  • Services: Awards, Education & Training, Events, Network promotion & support, Research collaboration, Technology transfer